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Antoine Brenti

A French marine biologist who cannot live without water. Passionate about swimming, water rescue and all water sports. She has experience in working with children and teenagers. She feels water perfectly and can pass this skill on to others.

Ewa Łagowska

A lightning bolt of inspiration. He is passionate about photography from an early age, he loves challenges. It is the voice that reveals the bigger picture that surrounds us. Underwater photography is her way of reflecting the artistic soul.

Aneta Brenti

A graduate of the University of Economics, but the acquired knowledge and experience transferred her into the creative area. Her nick name is Ambition. There are rumors that her day lasts 48 hours. She won't fall asleep until she has finished what she started.

Paulina Pałasz

More than one star has already been painted. What she likes most about Team Villa Wieliczka is the need for continuous development and the lack of monotony. She always tries to build good relations, meeting the expectations of his clients.

Szymon Budzyn

A realist who values clear rules and order. He loves to create and has many years of experience in filming. He does not like to stand still, is focused on continuous development, he sets new challenges for himself.

Mikołaj Łagowski

The most athletic member of our crew. Passionate about crossfit open, where in his age category he achieved the best result among Polish competitors. She loves to dive and treats it as a relaxing and artistic challenge during underwater sessions.


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