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    The Key to Success is enthusiam!

    At Villa Wieliczka, our mission is to provide a creative consultancy, an objective look and a particularly innovative approach to obtain unique cinematographic and photographic productions. The Villa’s in-house team and trusted network of qualified professional freelancers will help create the chemistry on set that is essential for a smooth production and for delivering exceptional results. From simple plans to large-scale productions, our AquaTeam will be happy to serve you with their enthusiasm and experience.


    Photo sessions


    Unique Maternity Photo Shoot: Aqua, Aqua Fashion and more! Underwater Fairy Tale Photo Shoot for Children. A great experience for you, as well as exceptional publicity for your company! Each underwater session takes place with the participation of a lifeguard!

    Advantages of our photographic salt pool:

    Minimal negative effects on the skin, eyes and on the over all health of our models

    Beneficial antiseptic effect of salt on the skin and mucous membranes

    The slight salinity of the pool water resembles that of sea water

    The lack of smell of chlorine makes the bath session very pleasant

    Prolonging the bathing time in salt water to increase the salubrious effect of salt on the human body

    Permanent and homogeneous disinfection thanks to the electrolysis device.

    To ensure your comfort and the best results under the water our team is made up of experienced divers. An artistic and luxurious aqua photo shoot with fairy tale touch-ups is an expression of the human soul. For us, every underwater session is "painting with light", without the perfect light, a photo would not exist. Good art is part of a series, it has a concept and a theme. For us, this is the most important message, we give each image a personal touch. Each of our underwater photos has a soul.

    You often ask us if it is safe to photograph pregnant woman underwater. It is certainly harder to stay submerged for a long time as your pregnant belly makes you more buoyant. Staying in the water is safe and recommended because it relieves stress on the back and joints, and swimming is a great form of exercise without load. Holding your breath underwater is safe, the human body copes well with such situations. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in a woman's body increases and thus the amount of oxygen she carries to the baby. You can also work with more breaks. In addition, our swimming pool is designed for pregnant women: appropriate depth, temperature and water quality.

    If the future mother is not comfortable under the water, we can focus on the shots from the top to the bottom, above and below the surface, where the image is divided between the above and below the waterline. We always provide you with some tips and techniques to make you feel comfortable during the session.

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    Why is Villa Wieliczka a unique place?

    State-of-the-art underwater lighting control!

    We connect safely and reliably to powerful studio flashes on the surface!

    We take a full-fledged studio configuration solution under the water!

    We creatively illuminate our original sets!

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