Of handpainted tablecloths


You often ask about our hand-painted tablecloths, that’s why we created this tab. These wonderful artistic creations are a patented method of painting and printing on a special fabric that allows you to create real luxury art on your table! Our partner has long been looking for perfection that would combine good taste, elegance, modernity and practice … after several years of testing, an ideal was created for you: the Luxurious Premium Tablecloth, unique in every respect.

The fabric is easy to clean, wash and iron. The stain-resistant tablecloth is made of a fabric covered with a stain-resistant coating, thanks to which the dirt does not enter the fabric fibers. Unique designs for special occasions, everyday, personalized and garden. Each tablecloth is cut around with hot scissors, no hems!

Printing on fabric with M1 non-flammability certificate

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Limitation of the right to withdraw from the contract:
Premium tablecloths are non-prefabricated products. Therefore, the buyer cannot withdraw from the contract on the basis of which he acquired them.


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