600 EUR


This is a luxurioussensualfemale session in the modern interiors of the Villa, including a one-of-a-kindmirror session. This session is avai ilable for everyone, regardless of age or body type. This is not a model-only session. Whetheryou are round or short stature, youwillbe the perfectsubject for our frames. You willbe the center of attention of our professional photographer.

If you have anybody image issues, Don’t worry, our camera won’t linger on them! We strongly believe that this photo shoot will actually help you feel more confident about your body ! Sensuality is not a question of morphology or age, but of attitude. Put yourself entirely in the hands of our experts and we will help style your hair and prepare your make up so that you look like a goddes in your photos!

offer Package

10 retouched photos

Make-up and hairstyle

We provide ready-to-wear styling

After the photo shoot there will be the possibility to purchase

additional photos for the price of

150 PLN /image

A room with a bathroom, dinner and breakfast

dinner and breakfast

400 PLN gross

Apartment with two rooms and a bathroom

dinner and breakfast

700 PLN gross


500 zł (gross)


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